Review: Muscle Nuts Peanut Butter


The first product I received was the smooth, Muscle Nuts first peanut butter. Of course I dived straight into drizzling this over pancakes. Many (waaay to many) protein nut butters have a whey-y granulated texture to them, which, I’m sure we can all agree, isn’t ideal. BUT muscle nuts have hit the nail on the head here and have managed to create a completely smooth and delicious nut butter. They have also used whey protein isolate, this is basically whey protein concentrates’s lower lactose, higher protein brother. Translated out of science this means per gram there is more protein, isolate appeals to me mainly because of its low lactose content (me and high lactose aren’t friends).

After a tense wait muscle nuts realised two new flavours – crunchy and snickerdoodle style. As you can probably guess I was very excited about this and set to work thinking of pancake combinations to drizzle these flavours on. The snickerdoodle style has a soft cinnamon taste, at first I thought why not more cinnamon?? But then again I am addicted to it. However I am happy to say I think I agree with the level of cinnamon-y-ness Muscle Nuts have given this peanut butter. For me this is the perfect peanut butter for blueberries or a whole pint of Perfect World Ice Cream. Now the crunchy, I’ll confess I’m not usually a crunchy peanut butter person due to the lack of spreadability, it just annoys me. I was pleasantly surprised by Muscle Nuts who have retained their reputation for a super drizzly peanut butter, even in crunchy form. Granted this doesn’t drizzle as well as the other two flavours but it still does and that’s what matters. On to the taste! The same deliciousness as smooth but with an added crunchy texture, and by that I mean there aren’t overwhelmingly large chunks (much to my happiness), more like fragments rather than full on pieces. This makes it A LOT easier to spread, so if you’re like me, you love the texture of crunchy peanut butter but hate the spreading, this is the one for you.

Fair to say I love these peanut butters, so much so, I’m onto my fourth jar and drizzling away happily. I’d definitely recommend giving these a go, especially is you value good quality ingredients. Here’s hoping the bring out many more amazing flavours!

Muscle Nuts sent me these products free of charge, all view expressed in this review are very much my own. Treat yourself here.


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