Review: PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter

Americandy Imports were kind enough to send me a tub of PB2 powdered peanut butter to try. They must know how much of a peanut butter addict I am… anyway I was very excited to try this, I mean its peanut butter so its got to be good!


All macro counters will be well acquainted with the amount of fat contained in peanut butter, and yes this is healthy fat, but all the same there’s a lot. This is where PB2 comes in as an absolute macro saver, and rather versatile ingredient. From the making the basic peanut butter to savory dishes like chicken satay this is a must have product.



I combined 2tbsp with a Truvia packet (hello, sweet tooth) and enough water to form a paste to make a peanut butter sauce perfect for toast or waffles. What I love about this is that you have complete control of consistency meaning you can have thick peanut butter for toast and more of a sauce for drizzling over waffles, pancakes or a cobbler like my Nectarine and Cherry Cobbler. You can also add spices or cacao to change the flavors up, PB2 mixed with cinnamon and drizzled over apple is one of my favorite combinations. I absolutely loved the smoothness of PB2, this made it taste even more like the real deal.

Me and satay sauces do not have a good history, the sheer amount of oil used never agreed with me. But I had a bit of an experiment in the kitchen and created a satay sauce using PB2 using minimal oil. Saturday dinner fake-away sorted!


Disclaimer: I was sent this sample by Americandy Imports for free, all opinion’s and comments are my own.



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