Review: BuzzFit Protein Coffee

Americandy Imports kindly sent me some BuzzFit Protein Coffee to try out. I’m not a huge instant coffee drinking but I thought I’d give this a shot, coffee plus a bit of extra protein has got to be a good idea.

The selling point of this coffee is that it contains a hefty 10g of protein per serving and 75mg of caffeine, perfect to give you a kick before your workout. And all this with no sugar or artificial sweeteners, which is very important to me.


To kick-start my not very highly regimented testing process I made it following the packet instructions, 15g of coffee with 250ml water. This may seem like a lot of powder but it is definitely needed! I was surprised by how smooth this coffee was, think that may be due to the milk content, all the same I loved the smoothness of the coffee. The coffee is sold as a medium roast, which I agree with, if you’re not used to coffee you may need to add a sweetener (but I have a sweet tooth so I added 1 packet of Truvia).


I then turned my attention to one of my favorite things… ZOATS. I love coffee and have over the years worked out how to get it into lots of different meals, zoats being my favorite. I added a serving of the BuzzFit coffee to my usual zoats and topped them with some Skyr yogurt. The coffee taste didn’t decrease when I cooked my oats, which is very impressive.


I also experimented with recreating one of my all time favorite indulgences – coffee ice cream. A few bananas, a bit of milk and a serving of BuzzFit Protein Coffee later I had lovely smooth ‘nice’-cream! I topped the ice cream with Sweet Freedom Choc Shot and some coconut flakes.



Disclaimer: I was sent this sample by Americandy Imports for free, all opionions and comments are my own.


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