A Bit About Me

Hey! I’m Alisha, or WavesFitness if you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t click here and check it out). I thought I should give you a little round-up of who I am, plus the other things I do besides cooking and eating, believe it or not I actually do other things!

IMG_0161 (1)

A rare, hair and make up done selfie.


But first we have to talk food! I’ve always been interested in cooking, even when I was a child I would come into the kitchen and get in my mums way while she cooked. Thankfully she has me well-trained now to help out where I can, yes this includes me helping her clear up. Talking of clearing up, there’s usually a lot of it… I’m a messy cook… very messy cook. From throwing pomegranate seeds across the room to squirting squid ink at the walls, my kitchen has been used to its full potential.

I’m also an experimental cook, I like to play around with flavors and try new combinations. Unfortunately, or fortunately, this hasn’t stopped me from buying recipe book after recipe book and trying to fit them on the ‘favorites’ shelf.




The classical ‘What do you want to do when you’re older?’ question… I’ve always had an interest in design and engineering. To combine two of my passions, engineering and sport, I am aiming to become a Sports Engineer. This basically means I want to design innovative clothing and textiles that can improve quality of life and performance. One of my main interests is in compression clothing and whether there are any real sporting benefits. I’m currently going into my last year of A-Levels and looking at university options.


Merhaba!! My family own a house in Kalkan, Turkey – Merhaba is hello in Turkish by the way. Before you ask, yes it is safe to travel over there. Anyway I love travelling to other countries and experiencing the different cultures and foods, I mean have you really been on holiday if you don’t sample every local dish possible.

I’m most definitely a summer girl, I can’t stand being cold, so most of our family holidays have been to hot countries, apart from one trip to Switzerland that was just way too cold.


I mustn’t leave out fitness! The whole reason I started my Instagram account. I first got into fitness a couple of years ago when PT sessions were on offer at my local gym, I found the love of being in that post workout pain and the satisfaction that comes along with it. I started Kayla Itsines BBG, along with my Instagram, at the start of this year, and have completed both guides, where does the time go!


I’ve continued with my PT sessions, I believe these sessions are invaluable to my health and fitness and I would really recommend hiring a coach if you are stuck in your health and fitness journey. The amount of knowledge I have acquired through having these sessions is unbelievable. I’m currently doing a mix of weights, BBG, fitness classes and PT sessions as I felt like my routine needed shaking up.



So that’s a bit about me and what I’m up to at the moment, I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit better! Want to keep up with all my little travels and foodie ventures? Follow along on Instagram.


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